Wolf X-Ray has had several aspects of their development as well as updates.

In the beginning, Wolf X-Ray asked me to create a solution for them that would be an order quote system as they have different pricing based on a number of factors. They wanted it to be extremely easy to use, flexible, and easy to additional products and content while generating quotes.

Upon discussion with them they essentially needed a shopping cart without pricing something at the time that neither them nor their competitors had done at the time.

I chose Shopify as the baseline and one of the primary modifications I made was removing all visible pricing functionality and add a quoting function.

This was exactly what they needed as a baseline and for function it was what they needed.


In 2023 they wished for an update to this system with more options available so I searched through the various apps to enable this on the shopify system so this has been updated to enable all sorts of new options, especially in Apron selection.


I also provided audio narration and video training for how staff can use the back end system.

It has proven more useful for customers and the staff of Wolf.