I have played Trypticon in fandubs for Transformers Zone (known as Zone FV) and Transformers Scramble City (known as Scramble City FV). These can be found from www.tfcog.net as well as Flash video versions on this page.

All voices and tricks are natural, only normalizing is done to increase the volume, no other edits are performed. All recorded by Audacity on Windows XP/Vista.

For quicker navigations to clips:

Some files that show some of my voice capabilities are below:

Auditions for Transformers Masterforce:

For Transformers Masterforce I auditioned for:
Landmine, the Narrator, and Submarauder

My auditions for Transformers Victory:

Beast Wars Second:

For Beast Wars Second I auditioned for the Maximal Drill Sergeant, Mantis, Bigmos, Tonbot, Drillnuts, Powerhug, and Hydra.

  • Mantis:
  • Bigmos:
  • Tonbot:
  • Drillnuts:
  • Powerhug:
  • Hydra:

  • Scramble City:

    [jwplayer file=”http://www.lawrencebrenner.com/video/Scramble_City_FV.flv”]

    [jwplayer file=”http://www.lawrencebrenner.com/video/Zone_FV.flv”]

    More samples coming soon.