Name: Lawrence Brenner

Title: Bleach Volume 28 Baron’s Lecture Full-Course

Author: Tite Kubo

Publisher: Viz Media

Age Rating: T Ages 13+

Star Rating: 3

Genre: Manga


Bleach Volume 28 Baron’s Lecture Full-Course shows our heroes’ entry into Hueco Mundo, the world of the Hollows and Aizen’s base of operations.  From the start, you learn little things about Hueco Mundo, the little details that fascinate me as you see the entirety of a world and perhaps details that may become important later.  Such details as in Hueco Mundo the trees appear to be made of quartz (or something like it), there is a high concentration of reishi in the atmosphere, and there are hollows, tiny ones that appear to survive just off the atmosphere alone.   What is more interesting comes from the introduction of the Great Desert Brothers, Nel Tu, Dondochakka, Pesche, and their pet, Bawabawa, who are all Arrancars. They reveal that they are a family, as they adopted each other.  This is actually very similar to what happens in the Soul Society where those who live there, the souls, create families.  Things like this further cause you to see a blend between those who are Soul Reapers, Hollows, beyond that of Vizards and Arrancars, whose powers cross each other’s, as if the worlds of the Hollows and that of the Soul Society are a kind of distorted mirror images of each other.

As Ichigo, Chad, and Uryû travel with the Great Desert Brothers, they learn more about the structure of the Arrancars.  There are Numeros, who are high ranking Arrancars under command of the Espadas. In addition, when our heroes face Runuganga (a huge Hollow who they encounter on their way to Las Noches [Aizen’s enormous palace/fortress]) they learn that the Great Desert Brothers are viewed as “pests.” This is also another interesting point, as you begin to wonder, what defines an Arrancar, and you begin to wonder if it is possible for Arrancar to create themselves naturally, without being forced into an Arrancar form by Aizen.

While all this is going on, there are events going on within Las Noches with Aizen, his Espadas, and Orihime. In the beginning of the volume, he lets the Espadas know that they have been invaded by our heroes, but while he says not to underestimate them, he says they should not be afraid either.  It is very intriguing to hear everything Aizen says in this speech to his Espadas as they all share tea.  Aizen speaks with such a serene manner; it could be viewed as absolutely chilling.  Aizen has more of his chilling serene when he speaks with Orihime and asks for her help, and lets her know what she is truly capable of.  However, these are not the end of the surprises in this volume.

You learn from the back cover of Tres Cifras, “the land of disgraced Arrancars” who are also known as Privaron Espadas.  From this, you also wonder about all of the different aspects of Arrancars and what more will be revealed about them.

As stated, this volume has a lot a little reveals and points that if you think about it will become important, and many subtle items that make you think about the nature of the worlds that Tite Kubo has created.