Useful SDCC Travel Gear: iPhone Edition

With SDCC coming up I thought I would make a quick list out of technology that would be useful for people on the go traveling and at SDCC. I’ve included quick links for some of the first and quick tech to think about for iPhone users. I’ve made this edition for iPhone 6 users. This is a quick list based on some email recommendations to people.

Case: I recommend the mophie cases. These are battery cases that extend the life off your phone significantly. they also tend be pretty tough.

Screen protector: I always use and recommend Zagg particularly the HDX: they protect extremely well.
Now with a Zagg screen you should get a screen cleaner: it’s good to do the clean like every 2 weeks or when the screen gets dirty.

Backup batteries:
There’s a few things to look into this. Since you’ll be using mostly lighting cables you should know that most inputs for backup batteries are microUSB.
This Aukey unit: actually has a lighting in as opposed to a microUSB in.
I actually use the Anker chargers: for the big recharges.
I have a smaller Poweradd to keep in my pocket for the need for smaller recharges. The big ones tend to fill a pocket. This one also has a removable flashlight connection, so you have an extra flashlight if you need it.

Travel Cables:
Now the most important thing is you’ll need cables. It’s not always that easy to find travel cables that are good and actually travel-ready, but I have found a few: this is the two in one of a lighting cable and microusb. It works very well. Most others I use are microusb. This is another one to look at: The point is there is not shortage of options in travel cables.