Spoiler 3: The Video

This is video from Disorganization XIII’s Spoiler 3 that I shot at New York Anime Festival 2009.

I covered the panel, Spoiler 3.

Here is what Disorganization XIII had to say:

From Disorganization XIII:


Spoiler 3: Now on YouTube

If you missed Spoiler 3 at NYAF, you are a horrible person and should die in a fire! However, in lieu of gasoline we have offered you this, our first found footage of Spoiler 3 on the vast landscape of the intertubes. We bring you Spoiler 3 on Youtube, courtesy of Lawrence Brenner.

It’s pretty good quality. He had a front row seat and he vigilantly made sure that he got the slides in focus and readable. There are a couple seconds missing in between parts though, but now your imagination can fill those parts in with your own awesome! If you want to see the whole thing though, I guess you will just have to see us at Anime USA or Mokucon.

Big thanks to Lawrence for getting these videos up in such short time. If you guys notice, he is also the guy who did this website for us, so take it from us he has professional drive coming out every hole in his body. Add to that his myriad of connections, access to helicopters, status in section 9, legal know-how, ability to break the laws of mathematics, technological knowledge, event planning skills, [redact]gigantic genitalia[/redact], awesome cosplayage, evil twin, weakness to epistemology, pie, and overall cool factor and you have an awesome business partner. Seriously though, beyond the jokes, we recommend him if you need any sort of help with event planning or website management. If there is anything we can say about Lawrence it’s that he gets the job done.