Uncle Yo at Sakura Matsuri

I was at Sakura Matsuri (http://www.bbg.org/exp/cherries/sakura.html) a few weeks ago where I was shooting video for Uncle Yo (http://www.uncleyo.com) (whose website I have also created and maintain).

Prior to this event I designed his twitter page, integrated it into his website, and instructed him in its use, including how to announce it at events. In the performance you can hear him talk about twitter.

The first video playlist is his performance from Sakura Matsuri:

It is very funny, especially if you have any knowledge of anime, manga, comic books, and other aspects of otaku culture.

The second video playlist is his interview with Megumi Sato of Samurai Beat Radio

It is very insightful and he talks about how he and many other people in this generation became interested in anime, manga, and conventions.

Make sure to keep up with Uncle Yo on his website, www.uncleyo.com. He has some great shows and plans upcoming.