Uncle Yo Relaunch

For those of you who have never heard of Uncle Yo, you should he is an amazing comedian who has a huge following.

Recently I relaunched his site with him, www.uncleyo.com and am quite proud of it.

He just performed at New York Comicon which had an attendance of over 77,000.

I was in attendance and it was hilarious.

Below is his testimonial:

Lawrence Brenner is a hands-on technician, more willing to meet you face-to-face than waste time over the phone. And when all eight of his arms are in motion, digital miracles take place. Mr. Brenner sees the big picture with every product and service you may have to offer, and sits down with you one-on-one to give you, in words you can understand, instructions and an attack plan to maximize your web exposure. I used to be all over the place: facebook, myspace, blogspot: Brenner used my website as a single point and centralized my fan base into one place, making updating and informing easy. He continues to save me money and teaches me how to update my website so that I am in charge. After giving me the tools and opportunity to operate and update my website at my will, he clapped his hands together and vanished into a cloud of dust, which not only destroyed the zombies but left a refreshing minty aroma to the room.