New Testimonial from Disorganization XIII

The great guys at Disorganization XIII have given me a thank on their website from the video I shot for them at Mokucon.

The video is also right here:

And the testimonial is here (with some language spoiled out, if you want to see the words just hover over it):

the worst spoiler evar!!!
Get this loyal Disorganization XIII fans. Remember Mokucon, the convention where everything that could have gone wrong did? Well now you can see the horrible flaming train wreck that was our presentation of Spoiler: The Panel: The Sequel: The Panel on Youtube, complete with nervous jittering, auctioning off rob, the yakety sax theorem, and of course our half assed presentation.
Check it out over at this link and for the love of god, don’t judge us by this performance. Big thanks to Lawrence for putting this up and allowing everyone to laugh at our unprepared [spoiler]ass[/spoiler]… or more specifically Mike’s unprepared [spoiler]ass[/spoiler].