Intermixi’s New Site has now Launched!

I have been working with Intermixi to launch their new site, and it now launched!

Check it out:

Check out the looks and such, and enjoy Intermixi.

Here is the testimonial from Isaac Lew, owner of Intermixi

Here is one from Isaac Lew, Owner / Tour Coordinator of Intermixi Japan Tours:

To Whom It May Concern,

Lawrence Brenner first joined our staff at Intermixi about one year ago. Assisting us in webpage development and coding, Lawrence Brenner is a big part in why looks and functions as well as it does today.

There is never a problem that was troubleshooted to Lawrence that he couldn’t find a solution to. There was never a glitch too hard that he couldn’t resolve in applicable time. I highly recommend Lawrence Brenner for any task at hand.

Isaac S. Lew
Owner / Tour Coordinator
310 237 – MIXI

About Intermixi Japan Tours
Intermixi Japan Tours have been established to provide both the casual and intermediate traveler
an alternative, pop cultured look at the “land of the rising sun”. While not ignoring the cultural
history of Japan, Intermixi Japan Tours shows you the side you will never see anywhere else.
Intermixi Japan Tours current yearly schedule will be the summer, fall and winter season.