Transformers: Zone on YouTube

Thanks to Cyberleader2002 of YouTube.

The Transformers Zone fandub project which I was Trypticon for is on YouTube.

See Part 1:
And Part 2:

Unfortunately he took out the credits of all the people who put in a lot of hard work into this (and we did this back in 2004 when it was not easy to do this):

To see the project details check them out here:
[iframe 400 400]

Here is the cast:

Transformers Zone FV
Trey Tackett – Kain
Christer Nyberg – Violenjiger
Chris Ho – Countdown, Fixit
Eric Jones – Rabbicrater
Daniel Ross – Overlord, Sonic Bomber
Frank Todaro – Akira, Black Zarak, Storm Cloud
Matt Nelson – Dai Atlas
Tom Baril-Bissett – Piranacon
Scott M – Devastator, Sunrunner, Gingham
Peter Tagtstrom – Menasor, Emusa, Narrator
Rob Michel – Abominus
John Patrick – Predaking
Aaron Baldwin – Victory Saber
Lawrence Brenner – Trypticon
Tomas Guinan – Stakeout
Rory Hoy – Whisper
Brandon Williams – Additional Voices